Configuring SSO with Azure B2C

The article provides a guide on setting up Single Sign-On (SSO) with Azure B2C in Yeeflow, simplifying user authentication.

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Azure B2C (Business-to-Consumer) is a cloud-based identity and access management service provided by Microsoft. Yeeflow supports Azure B2C as a custom login method, allowing organizations to leverage Azure B2C's robust authentication capabilities for user sign-in.

Configure Azure B2C

To configure Azure B2C as the custom login method in Yeeflow, system administrators need to access the Yeeflow admin center and navigate to the Login authentication page.

From the Login authentication page, click "Add custom login method" button at the bottom of the custom login method section". Then click "Azure B2C" from the drop-down list:

From the pop-up window, follow the provided documentation or guidance to set up the Azure B2C integration.

Configure Azure B2C Properties:

  • Name: Enter a name for this custom login method (e.g., "Azure B2C").

  • Client ID: Enter the Client ID provided by Azure B2C for your Yeeflow organization.

  • Client Secret: Enter the Client Secret associated with the Client ID. If not required, you can enter "none" or leave it blank.

  • Custom Domain Name: Provide the custom domain name that was created when setting up your Yeeflow organization.

  • Account ID: Enter the unique ID of your current Yeeflow organization.

  • User Flow/Policy: Sign in: Enter the specific user flow or policy for signing in, as configured in Azure B2C.

  • User Flow/Policy: Sign up: Enter the user flow or policy for user sign up.

  • User Flow/Policy: Profile: Enter the user flow or policy for managing user profiles.

  • User Flow/Policy: Reset: Enter the user flow or policy for password reset.

For more information about the user flow and policy information, please refer: Web sign in with OpenID Connect in Azure Active Directory B2C.

Configure Azure B2C Property Links:

  • Property: Name: Provide a link to get the user name property from Azure B2C. This link should point to the specific property configured in Azure B2C for the user's name.

  • Property: Email: Provide a link to get the user email property from Azure B2C. This link should point to the specific property configured in Azure B2C for the user's email.

Redirect URL:

Enter the Redirect URL that will be used by Azure B2C to redirect the user back to Yeeflow after successful authentication. This URL should be provided by Azure B2C and should match the configured settings in Azure B2C.

Save and Test Configuration:

Click the "Verify and save" button to save the Azure B2C configuration. Yeeflow will attempt to validate the configuration by connecting to theAzure B2C provider and performing a test authentication. If the configuration is valid, Yeeflow will display a success message.

Enable the Azure B2C Login Method:

After successfully saving theAzure B2C configuration, find the Azure B2C method in the "Custom Login Method" section and enable it by clicking the enable button from the more operation menu list.


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