Set the Navigation Menu Bar

Customize Yeeflow's navigation bar for app ease of use with organized, labeled access management.

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Why navigation is important

The most effective Yeeflow applications help viewers find what they need quickly so that they can use the information they need to make decisions, learn about what is going on, access the tools they need, or engage with colleagues to help solve a problem.

Good navigation experiences present viewers with a complete picture of what is available on the site and, combined with the home page, provide a comprehensive "story" for the site.

The key advantage of application navigation menu is that they are always visible in the context of the application. Because application navigation menu is persistent, it provides an opportunity to provide significant value for application viewers as they traverse the application and address their goals: to find and do what they came for.

Application navigation fundamentals

Planning application navigation menu involves thinking about:

  • Organizing – Grouping logical and similar intents

  • Labeling – Writing clear labels your users will immediately understand

  • Usability – Users' ability to easily navigate the end to end experience

  • Findability – Users' ability to quickly find what they need

Navigation should always be planned from the perspective of the user of information – the users to your application. Planning effective navigation involves considering not just the information you want to present, but also thinking about the information your viewers want or need to consume. Therefore, organizing and labeling your navigation links is critical for the purposes of usability and findability.

Navigation menu settings

To manage the settings of an applications' navigation menu, firstly go to the application settings page by clicking the settings button from the top-right of your application. (Please make sure your account has the system admin or application owner permission.)

In the application settings page, click "Menu" from the tab to open the menu settings page.

The current items of the navigation menu are listed on the right of " Manage menu items". The left sidebar lists all the items which are not added to the menu.

Add component items

To add a new item from the left sidebar, you can choose items by expand the type of each component. and click to select the checkbox, then click "Add to Menu" button. The selected items will be added to the bottom of the menu items list.

Add custom link

Besides adding component items, you can also add a custom link as the menu item. To add a custom link, from the left sidebar, click to expand the "Custom links" section, and type in the URL and display text, then click the "Add to Menu" button to add this link to the end of the menu items.


Add my items

Also, you could add My items as menu item. To add My items from the left sidebar, you can choose items by expand the My Items. and click to select the checkbox, then click "Add to Menu" button. The selected items will be added to the bottom of the menu items list.

Pro tips:

By default, it is not selected. If you need to use this feature, please select the desired item.

Change display orders of menu items

You can drag to move each of the menu item to change the display orders.


Grouping menu items

You can organize the menu items by adding groups. To add a group, click the "+ New Group" button from the top right.

At the end of this group, you can type in the title text of this group. You can then drag menu items into this group as the sub items.

Rename the menu items

You can customize the display text of each menu item from the textbox at the end of each item. leave this textbox empty if you want to use the same title of the component item.


Set icons of menu items

You can set icons for each menu item. Select no icon button if you do not want to add icon for the item, or click the icons button and select icon form the pop-up icon library window.


Menu Settings

Auto add items: If checked, new components will be added automatically when you create them.

Save your settings

Once you've made the changes of the menu settings, please remember to click the "Save Changes" button at the top-right to make those new changes available.

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