Create new data list

Create a Yeeflow data list by choosing an app, naming the list, and adding custom columns for tailored data management.

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Data list is widely used to manage data in Yeeflow. To create a data list, choose an application when you adding components to an application.

In the popup window, type the data list name and description, then click OK.

The newly created data list is shown as below with a default column named "Title":

Besides the "Title", there are 5 fields have been created by default. If you would like to display them, click Display fields on the top of the list. Then switch on or off the columns display.

As the list admin, you may need to create more fields based on the requires. Click New column to add fields.

There is a detailed introduction about list fields: Field Management for Data List

To edit or delete a column, click the menu button near the column, then select Edit Field or Delete Field. Please note that you cannot delete the default columns created by system.

Click Insert left or Insert right will insert a new column on the left or right of the selected column. Click Hide Field will hide the column in the current list view.

If the column field has been set to an index, then the sort button will come with it. Click Sort A – Z or Sort Z – A to sort the column by name, by number or by date.

If there are too many items in your list, you can use the Filter function to filter your data. Click Filter on the top of the list:

Then set a combination of the filter condition to find related records.

Please note, if users without manage permissions need more filter fields, please contact your list admin. Admins need to set the fields as filters in current view settings first. Please refer to Filter records in your list.

If you'd like to sort the data, click Sort on the top of the list, then click Pick another field. For example, to sort the list items by Created Time in chronological order and then by Phase in ascending order as below.

If you'd like to color your items, click Color on the top of the list, then click Add color to choose a color. Click Add condition to set color rules.

For example, projects which belongs to category "Brand Identity" will be displayed as peacock blue, while projects with category "Healthcare design" will be displayed as yellow. Items with colors are shown as below.

To access the list settings, click the icon with three dots on the upper right, you will see the settings menu of the list.


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