Create and manage data fields

Manage Yeeflow data fields in lists/forms: add, set properties, edit, or delete for tailored data management.

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A data field is the basic unit of a data list. Each field in a data list or form holds an individual piece of that data.

Adding a field

To add a field (column) to your data list, simply scroll as far right as you can on your data list, then click the "+ New column" button. Note that we only support manually adding one field at a time.

Select the type of data that will be stored in the new field. Give the new field a descriptive name. Then set the properties related to this field, and click "Save" bottom to save your settings. You should now be able to see the new field in your data list.

You can also add a new field by clicking on a field header, then selecting the "Insert left" or "Insert right" option.

Note: if you do not have creator permissions, you will not be able to add any new fields.

Different field types have different properties for settings, you can refer to this article to check introductions for different filed types: Control and fields. Besides, there are some common properties among different fields.

  • "Unique Value" means that duplicated value is not allowed if it's ON.

  • "Placeholder" will be displayed when it's blank.

  • "Required" means that it will be mandatory to fill if it's on the form.

Edit field settings

There are 2 places where you can edit the settings of a data field, You may:

1. In the data list, find the column of a field, then click the dropdown button from the header, and click "Edit field" from the drop-down menu to open the "Edit field" window.

2. Click the "More" button from the top-right of the data list, select "List settings" from the drop-down menu, then click "Fields" to open the "Fields management" window. You can find all the data fields included in the current data list.

Click the operation button at the end of each field and select "Edit" to open the "Edit field" window.

You can also delete the fields from the same places mentioned above.

Show or hide fields from the data list.

Click the drop-down button of each column's header, from the drop-down list, click "Hide Field" to hide the field from current data list.

You can also click the "Display fields" button from the top left operation bar, from the pop-up window, toggle on/off to show/hide a field from the current view of the data list.

Drag any item here to change the display order of each field.

Set the fields show on the mobile device

Open the drop-down menu of the "Display fields" setting, click "Mobile" from the tabs to set which fields will be displayed on the mobile device.

You can set up to 5 fields from each dropdown list. The Image field can only select a field with the field type as "Image".



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