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Publishing Power BI Reports from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Online
Publishing Power BI Reports from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Online

Share and collaborate on Power BI reports by publishing from Desktop to Online, enhancing team insights and decision-making capabilities.

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Microsoft Power BI provides a seamless workflow for creating and sharing interactive reports and dashboards. After designing a report using Power BI Desktop, you can publish it to Power BI Online to share it with your team or a wider audience.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of publishing a Power BI report, created with the Yeeflow connector, from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Online.

Step 1: Sign in to Power BI Online:

Open a web browser and navigate to the Power BI Online portal (

Sign in using your Power BI account credentials.

Step 2: Publish the Power BI Report:

In Power BI Desktop, click on the "Publish" button in the Home tab of the ribbon.

Sign in to your Power BI account if prompted.

Choose the workspace where you want to publish the report. Click "Select" button toinitiate the publishing process.

Wait for the publishing process to complete. A success message will appear when it's finished.

Step 3: Access and Share the Published Report:

Switch back to the Power BI Online portal. Navigate to the workspace where you published the report. Locate the published report in the "Reports" section. Open the report to ensure it appears as expected.

Share the report with your team or specific individuals by clicking on the "Share" button. Customize the sharing settings and permissions based on your requirements.

Optionally, embed the report in other platforms or websites using the provided embed code.

Publishing your Power BI report from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Online enables you to share insights and collaborate with others more effectively.

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