What are location-based job positions

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Location-based job positions are jobs that require the employee to work in a specific location. For example, a job position that requires the employee to work in a retail store would be a location-based job position.

Location-based job positions can be used in approval workflows to ensure that decisions are made by people who are working for the proper locations. For example, an organization might have an approval workflow for expense reports. The approval workflow might specify that expense reports for employees who work in a specific location must be approved by a manager in that location.

This ensures that the manager is familiar with the costs associated with working in that location and can make an informed decision about whether or not to approve the expense report.

Here are some examples of location-based job positions:

  • Retail: Sales associate, cashier, store manager

  • Food service: Server, cook, manager

  • Customer service: Representative, manager, director

  • Healthcare: Nurse, doctor, administrator

  • Education: Teacher, administrator, principal

  • Technology: Software engineer, web developer, data scientist

  • Finance: Accountant, auditor, financial analyst

  • Law: Lawyer, paralegal, legal secretary

  • Sales: Account executive, sales representative, sales manager

  • Marketing: Marketing manager, marketing associate, marketing director


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