Export data items to Excel file

Export Yeeflow data items to Excel, choosing fields and their order for all or selected items, facilitating analysis and backup.

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You can export selected items or all of the items in a data list to Excel

Export all data of a data list

To export all the items of a data list, from the data list that you want to export data, click more settings button (near right top), and from the pop-up menu list, select "Export":

From the right sidebar pop-up window, click "Start export" button to open the export window.

By default, the fields which are displayed in the current data view will be selected. You can check or uncheck each field from the left list to include or exclude those fields when exporting. The selected fields will be listed in the right side. You can drag to change the orders of fields.

Once all set, click the "Export" button to export those data into an Excel file.

Data export is an asynchronous process. It will take seconds to minutes depends on the volume of data. You can check the status from the slidebar window:

Once completed, you will see a blue "Download" link at the bottom right corner. Clicking on the link to download the excel file.

You can check the previous downloads from the "Export history" list.

Export selected items of a data list

You can export selected items by clicking the checkbox from the first column of each item, and finding the "Export" button from the top-right of the data list.

All the rest of the exporting steps are the same.

Field properties for exporting

Below is the description for some special fields in your export.

Field Type

Export Result(excel)


It has two options to appear in export:

  • User's display name (e.g. rebecca YQ)

  • User's account email address (e.g. [email protected]).


It has two options to appear in export:

  • Its display field from its source list

  • The item id from its source list.

For its multiple, there is a comma between every two values.

E.g. Value 1,Value 2


There is a comma between every two values.

E.g. Value 1,Value 2


TRUE to display as ON or Yes/checked in Yeeflow;

FALSE to display as OFF or No/checked in Yeeflow.


A number formatted value with non-symbol.

Metadata(s) / Organization(s) / Location / Cost Center(s)

Export with their display name.

For their multiple, there is a comma between every two values.

E.g. Value 1,Value 2


Rich Text/Attachment/Image/Tags

Not supported.

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