Set up managed domains

The article provides a guide on setting up managed domains in Yeeflow, enabling users to access the platform using custom domain names.

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What are managed domains?

A managed domain in Yeeflow is a domain that is owned and managed by an organization. This means that the organization has complete control over the domain, including the ability to create and delete users, manage user permissions, and set up security policies.

There are several benefits to using a managed domain in Yeeflow. First, it allows organizations to centralize their user management. This can make it easier to manage user access to Yeeflow. Second, it can help to improve security by giving organizations more control over user accounts. Third, it can help to improve compliance by allowing organizations to meet the requirements of industry regulations.

Managed domains for Microsoft 365

Currently, the Yeeflow managed domains feature is only available to those manage domains which are added to Microsoft 365. If you've added and verified your domains in Microsoft 365, you can choose to claim as the owner of those domains. Once those domains are added to the Yeeflow managed domains list, when any users login to Yeeflow using the account with those domains will be forced to redirect to Microsoft 365 login page.

To learn how to add and manage domains of Microsoft 365, please refer: Add a domain to Microsoft 365

You can find the added domains from Microsoft 365 admin center. For example, The blow screenshot shows that the domain has been added to our Microsoft 365 account:

You can add the domain of as Yeeflow managed domain. Then, any users with email address will be forced to login with Microsoft.


To set up a managed domain in Yeeflow, a Microsoft 365 account with admin permission is required.

Set up managed domains

Firstly, login to Yeeflow with the system admin account, then go to the Admin center. From the left navigation panel click to expand the "Security", and click "Managed domains":

Click the "Connect domains" button from the bottom of the setup page.

From the pop-up window, click the "Connect Microsoft 365" button, and login with the Microsoft 365 account (which should have the Microsoft 365 admin permission). Click the "Accept" button after login to grant the required permissions:

The next page will show all the available domains in your Microsoft 365 tenant. Click to select the domains, and click "OK" button to complete the setup.

You will be able to see all the managed domains from the list. You can click the More settings button from the list to edit or remove managed domains. If you hav

How it works?

Once domains are added to Yeeflow as the managed domains. When users login from Yeeflow login page with their email address:

then, click the "Continue" button, this user will be automatically redirect to the Microsoft 365 login page.

Those users with managed domain can on longer to login with other ways (like email address and password etc.), but only can login through Microsoft 365 authentication.


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