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How to install Yeeflow from Microsoft Teams App Store
How to install Yeeflow from Microsoft Teams App Store

Guide to installing Yeeflow on Microsoft Teams: Search 'Yeeflow' in Apps, click 'Add' to install, and sign in or create an organization.

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Yeeflow is published to Microsoft Teams app store. If you are currently using Teams, and you easily find and install. You can integrate Yeeflow with Microsoft Teams, which will allow you to create forms, workflow and applications.

Once you login to your Teams, From the left bottom menu, click on “Apps”, then in the app store, search “Yeeflow” from the search box.

Click the “Yeeflow” app from the search result list. Then in the pop-up window, click “Add” button to install.

After Yeeflow is installed, you can find this app from your installed apps.

Click the Yeeflow icon to open Yeeflow from inside your Microsoft Teams. You can click the "Sign in to Microsoft" button to login with your Microsoft 365 account.

Create new Yeeflow account

If your account is new to Yeeflow. you will be asked to create a new organization from the pop-up window.

Choose a name for your organization and a subdomain for your Yeeflow account. Click "Agree and Sign up" button to create a new organization in Yeeflow.

Congratulations! You have successfully signed up for a new Yeeflow account.

As the owner of this new created organization, your account will be automatically adding as the global admin. So, you will be about to get the full control of all the functions to be managed in this Yeeflow organization.

You can now start creating and managing your workflows, forms, reports and dashboards.

Join existing organization

If you have already created an organizaiton, Or, if your Microsoft account has already been added to an existing Yeeflow organization. When you login to Yeeflow on Teams, you will be automatically navigated to that organization.

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