Using Yeeflow Inside in Microsoft Outlook

Extend Yeeflow's Teams functionality to Outlook, enhancing productivity by accessing Yeeflow apps and features within Microsoft Outlook.

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Exciting news: Personal tabs and messaging extensions created for Microsoft Teams can now be extended to Outlook for desktop and web, as well as Microsoft Office Home (the experience you see at

Where does my app show up in Outlook?

Personal tabs are shown within the ellipses on the side bar, alongside any existing Outlook apps:

Messaging extensions are shown in both the Outlook desktop client (on Windows only) and in Outlook on the web. They are shown when composing a new email message, on the More apps flyout (top ribbon in desktop, bottom of the composition window in web).

Add Yeeflow app in your Outlook

To add the Yeeflow app, click the ""Add apps" button from the apps pop-up window. This will navigate you to the App Store page. Search "Yeeflow" from the left top search box:

Click the Yeeflow app from the search results, and click "Open" button from the pop-up window:

You will now be able to access all the applications and features of Yeeflow inside in your Outlook:

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