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Customize branding of Yeeflow app on Microsoft Teams
Customize branding of Yeeflow app on Microsoft Teams

Customize the Yeeflow app on Microsoft Teams to match your organization's branding, improving recognition and user confidence in your team.

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With the release of Yeeflow Teams app (v 1.5.2), Microsoft Teams admins can modify the appearance of Yeeflow Teams apps to provide a personalized branded experience to their organization's users. Such modifications can enhance Teams store experience for users and help adhere to organization's branding.

The customization makes it easy for users to identify the app as internal tooling, to understand its org-specific use case, and to use it with confidence. The changes are available only within their organization. This functionality is called app customization.

Customize the branding

To change the look and feel of Yeeflow app in your organization's Teams store, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to the Teams admin center and access Teams apps > Manage apps. Search "Yeeflow" from the search box.

2. Click on the name to open the detail page. You will see the Customizable option is set as Yes. Click the edit icon under Customizable to open the Customize settings window:

3. You can know choose to customize one or more of the available fields.

4. After customizing the app, select Apply. To verify the changes that you've made, see preview app details. To undo the changes, see reset app details to default values.

5. Select Publish to publish the customized app to your organization's store.

The app is listed in the Manage apps page and in Teams store and client (available via web, mobile, or desktop client) with the updated details. The modification may take a few hours to display.

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