Using Lookup to cascade dropdown values

Guide on using Lookup in Yeeflow for cascading dropdowns in forms, including creating data lists and setting dynamic display rules.

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As we mentioned before, the Metadata can be used to get cascade variables by pulling from its parent category. In this article, we will use Lookup (in form designer) to get its cascaded values. You can use either of them per to data requirement.

Note: you may refer to know how to Use Metadata and cascade.

Use Case

Contrastively we set the same data as we did with metadata.

Step 1 - Create Data List with cascade

Let's create a new item of Data List in Applications.

As exampled, we already had a data list named "Expense Categories", and you can see the each item with ① -->②-->③


Step 2 - Set Lookup in Form Designer

Go to Form Designer.

Let's drag and drop three Metadata controls according to our example, You may add more cascades as required. All variables should be bound to the same Metadata.

The first is the Parent-category 1, which is no associated parent;


The second is the Subcategory 2, which is associated with Parent-category 1;


The third is the Subcategory 3, which is associated with Subcategory 2;


Then let's set the "Dynamic Display Rules" in subcategory 2&3 , which makes a cascade view.


Step 3 - Manage the layout and Publish

Preview and check the results before it publishs.



In some scenarios, you can also use it in list control/variable.

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