User case-specific guides
10 articles
Using Form Actions to change field values of Data ListsEnhance task management with Form Actions to dynamically change field values, enabling efficient task reopening and workflow customization.
Using Form Actions to Call a Web Service with HTTP RequestLearn to call web services in Yeeflow using HTTP request form actions for data retrieval and integration with third-party systems.
Using Lookup to cascade dropdown valuesGuide on using Lookup in Yeeflow for cascading dropdowns in forms, including creating data lists and setting dynamic display rules.
How to Use the Adobe Sign Action in Yeeflow Workflow DesignerLearn to integrate Adobe Sign in Yeeflow workflows for e-signatures: Create workflow, add Adobe Sign action, configure, save, and test.
Using Lookup List function to return rows of valuesLearn to use Yeeflow's Lookup List function for returning rows of values from data lists, enabling dynamic, multi-select options in forms.
Using Lookup to return multiple valuesLearn to use Yeeflow's Lookup for multi-value returns from data lists, enhancing form functionality with dynamic, related data selection.
Configuring Custom Approve and Reject Buttons on the task formGuide on customizing Yeeflow task forms with approve/reject buttons, including adding comments and configuring form actions for workflow.
Using Metadata to get cascade valuesUse metadata in Yeeflow to create cascading dropdown values in forms, allowing for dynamic selection based on parent category choices.
Using Collection control to manage Client informationGuide on using Yeeflow's Collection control to manage client info, adding fields, and customizing buttons for dynamic client databases.
Show dynamic options of Single section control in Approval forms based on user groupsLearn how to customize Yeeflow approval forms with dynamic Single Select controls that change options based on the user's group.