Gallery View

Transform list records into visual cards with Gallery View, using images as covers. Customize titles and filters for a visual touch.

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Gallery view is a special type of view that represents your list records in visual cards.

The cover field is a designated image field and it's optional to have. In this manner, it's suggested to have ONE IMAGE field that can be appeared at the top of each gallery card.

Step 1: Create a data list

First we need a data list, in this case, we'll use the data list that we create at List View article.

Step 2: Chose the view

In this case, we'll select Gallery View in order to create 'Leave Card'.

When you choose the gallary view, following settings page will pop up.

We set the name as 'Leave Card', URL as 'LeaveCard'.

View Permission for all users.

  • Cover Field: image field, displayed as the card photo.

  • Title Fields: Required, and I've selected 'Title.'

  • Display field: Select the field you wish to display in the view.

  • Display order: Set the order of the view.

  • Data filters: Filter data before the view is added.

  • User filters: Select the field you want to use to filter the data list after the view is added.

    For more information please refer to Search and filter data in data list.

Final view

After finishing all the setting, you will get folloing Gallery view named "Leave Card."

For more view, please refer to Understand Data views.

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