Application users and access permissions

Manage user permissions in an application, including adding, changing, and removing users, and assigning roles.

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Application users is for managing users permissions within the application and only affects the application being modified, including add new users.

Give you enhanced security by limiting access to application-specific settings and preserving the autonomy of each application.

Enter Application Settings

First, within the application, click the 'gear' icon located in the top-right corner.

Find the Application users from the Applications setup settings group.

Add New Users

Click the "+ New User" button to add users.

From the pop-up window, there are 3 options:

  1. Administrators - Select the application's administrators. The app admin have the full control about this application, like add new list and dashboard, customize list fields, configure the views and list workflows etc. You can set multiple users as the app admins.

  2. Editors - Select the editors of this application. The editors cannot change the applications definitions, but can manage the contents of the content lists inside the application. Set "All Users" if you want everyone in this application can have the edit permission.

  3. Visitors - Select the visitor of this application. Users with the visit permission can access this application. Set "All Users" if you want everyone in this application can have the visit permission.


Administrator don't have "All User" options.

Click the "Organization" icon to open another pop-up window which allows you to choose from the following options:

User: Select user one by one. Each selected user will be given permissions.

Department : Select the department. All user within the department will be given permissions.

User Group: Choose a predefined group of users. Members of the selected group will be given permissions.

Pro Tips:

Please make sure select correct user group.

Change Permissions

To change the permission, simply click 'Role' column and and choose from 'Administrator', 'Editor', or 'Visitor' in the dropdown list.

Remove User

To remove user, click "Remove" button to remove users from application.

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