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Yeeflow workspaces organize apps for user groups, managed by admins, enhancing collaboration and departmental organization.

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A workspace is a collection of applications shared between a group of users, called workspace users. You can think of a workspace as a collection of applications shared among a group of people working together. You can create as many workspaces as you'd like, and each one has its own set of workspace users and applications.

Each workspace can be assigned with unique management permissions. The workspace owners can fully manage the applications under this workspace.

Note: Only the Yeeflow system admins are allowed to create new workspace.

Workspace firstly can be used as the categories of applications. With the separate permission management function, you can also create different workspaces and assign multiple workspace owners. This will allow each workspace owners to do the self-management without system admin permissions. This is important, especially for large organizations.

The diagram above introduced the relationship between the workspaces and the applications with the permission management.

Consider creating different workspaces when:

  • You'll be working on different type of applications with different departments.

  • Your organization has different business functions. And you want to separate the access and management permissions based on the functional groups.

  • For large enterprise, you can create different workspaces for regions, subsidiary or branch offices and set owners separately.

An example about using workspace

Below is a simple example about how to use workspace to organize your applications with functional units:

The screenshot above shows that all the applications are grouped based on the workspaces, like all the customer services related applications are under the "customer services" workspace. You can set the proper permissions to only allow the customer service team to access this workspace.


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