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A quick glance through the main features
A quick glance through the main features

Overview of key features: workspace organization, no-code app development, approval workflows, report generation, dashboard customization

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Before get started, here is a brief introduction about the main concepts and functions for you.

What's a workspace?

A workspace is a collection of applications shared among a group of collaborators. The employees of a small eCommerce business might have a shared workspace for all of their applications; a team within a larger company might have its own workspace for all of its applications; a family might have a shared workspace for all of its trip planning and household management applications.

When you open up your home page, you can see all the workspaces for which you're a collaborator.

What's an application?

An application contains all of the information you need for your specific business needs. Yeeflow allows you to create custom applications on your own without any prior coding experience or IT expertise. you can custom apps for different business verticals (Order Management, Sales Management, Project and Task Management, Supplier and Vendor Relationship Management, Procurement, Inventory Management, Accounting and Billing, Admin and HR Management).

Components of an Application

Each application includes different type of components. With the components, you can create data list to manage your business data, document libraries to store files, approval forms with workflow and dashboard for data analysis.

To add a new component, click the "+" button on the left of the menu,

Then in the pop-up window, select the components you need to create:

Approval forms and workflow

Yeeflow brings the power of business process management and workflow software to your office for a fraction of the cost. With Yeeflow, you can create unlimited forms and work with others. There are many ready-to-use form templates, like Travel Request, Reimbursement, Leave Request, Overtime Claim, Purchase Request, Contract Approval etc. where you can install and customize based on your business needs. You can also create your own from scratch with our powerful form and workflow designer.

Design your online forms with form designer - The drag-n-drop interface to create your forms with more than 40 form controls. Create from simple forms for data collections, to the complex forms with sub lists, data calculations and validations etc.

Define your business process with workflow designer - The drag-n-drop interface to define business process with actions like assignment tasks, email notification, http request etc, and condition settings for process. You can fully control the process according to your organization's reality. with more than 40 form controls. Create from simple forms for data collections, to the complex forms with sub lists, data calculations and validations etc.

Create reports to Measure and Analyze

Allows you to create multiple reports for each form, and customize the data and fields to display. Custom Reports let you focus on what matters the most to you and your team. Share them with whoever you want.

Read our guide about how to design and manage forms and workflow for more details.

Create Dashboard to visualize your data

A dashboard is a customized web page. Create your dashboard with blocks. Bring all contents in one page. Collaborate in context and keep your team on the same page.

Read our guide about how to create workspaces and applications for more details.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Yeeflow is deeply integrated with Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Yeeflow is available on Microsoft Teams app store, which allows any organizations with MS teams to install and use with teammates.

  • Teams personal App - Any user can access Yeeflow after installed from the app store. With the Yeeflow app in Teams, you can use the full functions of Yeeflow.

  • Teams channel Tab - Yeeflow can be added as a Tab in each Teams Channel. When adding a new Yeeflow tab, you can select to add a form or an application.

  • Teams Mobile App - Yeeflow also supports for Teams mobile apps (iOS/Andriod). With teams mobile app, you can access Yeeflow's forms and applications from the teams channels.

If your organization is currently using Microsoft Teams, read our guide about An overview of Yeeflow on Microsoft Teams for more details.

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