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1. Building your first application
1. Building your first application

Guide to building your first application in Yeeflow, from creation to adding components, setting permissions, and customizing your project.

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Now that you know which process you’d like to improve with Yeeflow, let’s start building your application. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you the entire time. And it only takes five steps to get started.

And remember: Making a better process is just the first step in building in Yeeflow. We’ll continue to guide you through bringing together organization, connection, and visualization until you’re building apps on your own.

P.S. Don’t worry too much about memorizing all the terms. We’ve dropped a cheat sheet at the end of the guide that you can reference whenever you need it.

What's a workspace?

A workspace is a collection of applications shared among a group of users. The employees of a small eCommerce business might have a shared workspace for all of their projects; a team within a larger company might have its own workspace for all of its applications.

When you open up your home page, you can see all the workspaces for which you're a collaborator.

An example Yeeflow homepage, with several applications organized into custom workspaces.

What's an application?

Each of the colorful icons in a workspace represents an application. Each application contains all of the information you need for one project, multiple projects, or a workflow. An application can be a sales pipeline, an editorial calendar, a cattle vaccination tracker, or really, anything you can imagine!

An application allows you to easily bring all your information together, organize and connect it how you want, and change it as needed. It’s the home for your team’s data and its workflows, no matter what project you’re working on.

Create your foundation

First, let’s create your application, where you’ll store all the information related to your project or process.

Once you’ve signed in to Yeeflow, hover over the “+ New Application” button. You can find this button from the top-right of any workspace that you have the "Owners" or "Creators" permission. Next, you’ll have a few options to choose from:

If you’re starting a brand-new project or process, but would like some guardrails (or help with structure), use a template. If your workflow is a common one—like a content calendar or project tracker—we’ve got a template that will act as a foundation for you.

If you’re creating a brand-new project or process but don’t need help with structure, you can select the start from scratch option. Next, name your application.

In the next steps, we’ll walk through building an application from scratch, but we’ll highlight tips you can use no matter which choice you make here.

Take action: Create your first application

Ready to create an application of your own? Jump into your workspace (that’s where bases are organized), and hit the big gray + sign that says “New Application”.

Then click "Start from scratch" from the dropdown menu to open the new application creation dialog.

Type in the name and description of your first application, and either change the color and icon or upload an image as the icon of your application.

Click the "OK" button to create this new application. You can find this application under the specific workspace:

Just click to open this new application you've created.

This new application is empty by default. You can then start to build the functionalities of your application by adding new components. To add new components, you can click the blue "ADD NEW COMPONENT" button at the center of this window, or click the "+ Add component" button on the top navigation menu bar.

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