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Build in Yeeflow 101
Build in Yeeflow 101

Here for the first time? See how Yeeflow can help; from IT, application builder and support, to the business team.

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Your guide to build in YeeflowComprehensive guide on building custom applications in Yeeflow, from initial creation to automation, collaboration, data collection, coding.
1. Building your first applicationGuide to building your first application in Yeeflow, from creation to adding components, setting permissions, and customizing your project.
2. Create your data listGuide on creating data lists in Yeeflow, detailing steps for adding and customizing fields to structure application data effectively.
3. Automate your business processGuide to automating business processes in Yeeflow, illustrating setup of an approval form, workflow design, and conditions.
4. Report on metrics with dashboardUsing dashboards in Yeeflow to visualize business metrics from data lists and forms, enhancing decision-making with custom visual reports.
5. Set your team up for successLaunching Yeeflow in your team: define goals, assemble the launch team, prepare the application for onboarding, and introduce effectively.
6. Using Service Portal to collaborate with customer, partners and moreUse Yeeflow's Service Portal for external collaboration, including setup, customization, inviting users, and managing interactions.
7. Collect data from anywhere with public formsLearn to collect data publicly with Yeeflow's guide on creating, customizing, and sharing public forms for seamless information gathering.
8. Build (even more) on YeeflowExplore advanced features for deeper app customization and integration with third-party platforms, aimed at users ready to use custom code.