Yeeflow initialization guide

Initialize Yeeflow for new organizations: Set company info, customize logo/colors, manage structure, add users, and integrate Microsoft 365.

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If you create a new organization, you account will be the system administrator while you can initialize the global settings before make it available to others. Here is a quick guide for you to get some basic settings ready.

1. Company Information Settings

Login with the system admin account, and go to the admin center. Select company information.

In the Organization Name & URL section, click “Edit” button, in the pop-up window, set your company name, and the customized URL:

2. Company global Settings

From the company information page, you can change the settings of the default COUNTRY/REGION, contact info, PREFERRED LANGUAGE (the default language), TIME ZONE and default DATE format etc.

3. Customize the logo and colors

You can customize the logo and primary colors of your organization in the company information page.

Click the “Edit” button to upload your own logo image and the colors to suite your organization’s needs.

4. Manage Organization's hierarchical tree structure

At the admin center, click “User Management”: From the left organization hierarchical tree structure, click the operation menu from the root node, and click “Create a sub-organization” to add departments, branch, subsidiary, or regions etc.

5. Add new users

From the user management settings, click the “+ New user” button from the top-right, to add new users to Yeeflow.

There are couple ways for you to easily add new users, lick add single user, invite users with email, or import users with excel file etc.

6. Microsoft 365 accounts sync service

You can also choose to user theMicrosoft 365 sync service if you are Microsoft 365 users.

To configure the sync service, you need to have theMicrosoft 365 admin permission.

7. Add user groups

From the admin center, click “User groups” to create new user groups and manage the group members.

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