Adobe Sign action

Yeeflow's Adobe Sign Action integrates e-signature requests into workflows, allowing document signing with configurable recipient settings.

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Use the Adobe Sign action to request an electronic signature on a document from recipient(s) you specify. The documents which the action sends for signature requests can be retrieved from the attachment fields of an approval form or a data list.

Add the Adobe Sign action

To add the Adobe Sign action, click to select the "Adobe Sign" action icon form the left actions panel, and drag to the canvas.

Set the properties

Select the "Adobe Sign" action form the canvas and click the "Settings" button from the bottom to open the properties setting window.

Action Name: Set the name of this action.

Adobe Sign integration key: Please following the guide from Adobe to create the integration key. And make sure the following permission scopes have been granted:

  • agreement_read

  • agreement_write

  • agreement_send

  • webhook_read

  • webhook_write

Agreement subject: Set the subject of this agreement. This will be displayed as the subject of the email which will be seen by the Recipients.

Recipients: Select the internal users or external users as the recipients of this agreement.

  • For internal users, you can select from the expression editor

  • For external users, you can select those users email address from the variables or just type in the email address in the text area of the expression editor.

CC: Select other users whom you wanna copy to.

Source files(s): Select one or multiple attachment type fields from the variables dropdown list. Adobe Sign service will automatically combine those files into one file before sending the email to recipients.

Save the signed file to: Select one of the attachment type filed from the variables dropdown list. The final signed agreement will be saved back to this field.

Signed Status: Select a text type field from the variable dropdown list to save the received status from Adobe Sign service. Below are a few comment results:


Please refer below link for a full list of the status code/text:


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