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Design workflows with workflow designer
Design workflows with workflow designer
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Overview of the workflow designerWorkflow designer automates tasks with a drag-and-drop interface, including triggers, actions, and flow connectors to streamline processes.
Start ActionYeeflow's "Start Action" initiates workflows, enabling submission configurations and email notifications.
Assignment Task ActionYeeflow's Assignment Task Action facilitates task assignment with customizable notifications, due dates, and assignee options.
Add assignee with Assignee EditorEfficiently manage task assignments in Yeeflow using the Assignee Editor, with tips for role-based workflows and individual user selection.
Claim Task ActionYeeflow's Claim Task Action lets users voluntarily claim tasks from a group pool, enhancing task distribution and flexibility.
Send Email ActionYeeflow's Send Email Action customizes emails in workflows with dynamic content for various scenarios.
Set Variable ActionYeeflow's Set Variable Action configures workflow variables with static or dynamic values for customized process flows.
Set Data List ActionYeeflow's Set Data List Action modifies records in data lists within workflows, streamlining data management.
Inclusive Gateway ActionInclusive Gateway directs workflow to multiple paths, awaiting all inputs before proceeding, allowing conditional or parallel flows.
Query Data ActionLearn how to use the Query Data action in Yeeflow to get data from a data source, such as a data list, data report, form report etc.
Start workflow ActionInitiate seamless workflow transitions with Yeeflow's Start Workflow action, enabling dynamic process integration and automation.
Delay ActionYeeflow's Delay Action pauses workflows for a specified time or until a certain date, useful for scheduling or timing tasks.
End with Rejection ActionUtilize the End with Rejection workflow action to return the approval request to the requester for modification and resubmission.
HTTP Request ActionYeeflow's HTTP Request Action integrates with external systems, allowing customizable web requests and handling responses for workflow use.
Adobe Sign actionYeeflow's Adobe Sign Action integrates e-signature requests into workflows, allowing document signing with configurable recipient settings.
Signal Event ActionSignal Event Action allows workflow updates like task modifications and integrates with various actions for dynamic process adjustments.