Claim Task Action

Yeeflow's Claim Task Action lets users voluntarily claim tasks from a group pool, enhancing task distribution and flexibility.

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Different than the assignment task, the claim task action is used to create a workflow task but not force to assign the task to any users. It will send the task to a group of receivers. those receivers will find the task from the claim tasks list and decide whether take over this task or not.

Some of the business cases which might be good to consider use Claim Task action:

  • A IT service request can be sent to the support team with claim task. Any support team member can check the request and claim the task and decide to take over or not.

  • A customer support request can be sent to the customer service team and wait someone to take over.

Add Claim task action.

To add a claim task action, open the workflow designer. Find Claim Task from the left Actions toolbox. Click and drag this action to the designer canvas.

To configure the claim task properties, click the "Settings" button under the selected claim task action, the settings windows will be displayed on the right.

Configure Claim task action.

Action Name: Set the display name of this action. For example: IT Support, Customer Support etc. A good name can help the designers and end users to better understand the purpose of this step from the workflow history or flow chat.

Task Title: The title of the generated task. This can be static or dynamic text with variables or parameters of this workflow.

Pro tip:

The Task Title is not mandatory. If you leave the Task Title as blank, it will use the Action Name as the Task Title.

Description: Set a short description of this action.

Receiver: Set a group of users as the receiver of this claim task. Click the "+ click to set the assignee" button to open the "Assignee Editor" dialog.

You can select specific users directly with the user picker. or select with job positions, user groups or variables etc.

Task Form: Select a form from the dropdown list to associate with this task. When the assignee opens the task form to view details and take actions, this associated form is the one that the user actually sees. The dropdown list includes all the existing task forms you've created from the form designer.

If you haven't created any task form yet, or if you need to create a new task form for this claim task, just click the "+ Create a Task Form" link.

Task Type: Select the type of this claim task. There are 2 types you can choose from: the Approval task, and the Complete task.

  1. Approval task: Select this type if you need the task owner to approve/reject this task, The task form will include the "Approve" and "Reject" buttons which allow task owners to make decision. The approval task needs to include at least 2 outcoming flow lines: One with the approved condition configured while another set the condition as rejected.

  2. Complete task: Select this type if the task owner needs to complete some work items on the task form rather than make decisions to approve or reject the task. The task form of a complete task will include the "Complete" button for task owner to complete this task. The complete task can have 1 to multiple outcoming flow line(s).

More Settings

Click the More Settings button at the bottom of the assignment task settings panel to open the "More Settings" dialog.

Due Date Settings

Set the due date of the claim task and the related notifications from the first tab of the more settings dialog.

Custom time: You can set a specific period as the due date. By default, the due date is set to 120 hours (5 days). You can change the number, and the unit of the date period (days, hours, minutes).

According to date variable: Another option is to set the due date based on a date-type variable from the approval form (You may add a due date field on the form as the due date variable for your claim task).

Notification settings

You can set whether or not send notifications when the task is generated.

Enable Email - Turn this ON if you want to send email notification to the receivers. Yeeflow will include the sample content for the email information, while you can change the setting per your needs.

Quick Completion: If Quick Completion is selected. for approval task, the task owner will be able to approve or rejected from the message card in Teams or Outlook.


The quick completion option will only be available if the task type is set as " Approval Task".


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