Set Data List Action

Yeeflow's Set Data List Action modifies records in data lists within workflows, streamlining data management.

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A data list is a database for you to store and manage your business data. The data list is one of the main component of an application. You can create and manage data lists with proper permission.

The Set Data List action within the workflow designer is used to add, update or delete records of a specific data list.

Add Set Data List action.

To add a Set data list action, open the workflow designer. FindSet data list from the left Actions toolbox. Click and drag this action to the designer canvas.

To configure the properties, click the "Settings" button under the selected Set Data List action, the settings windows will be displayed on the right.

Configure Set Data List action.

Action Name: Set the display name of this action.

Description: Set a short description of this action.

Data List: Select the target data list where you want to add, edit or delete records from.

  • Application: Select the application from the dropdown list.

  • List: Select the existing data list under the selected application.

Execute Type: Choose the operation you need for the target data list.

  1. Add: create a new record in the selected data list.

    Click the "Field Settings" button after the Add radio button to open the "Field Settings" pop-up dialog.

    The first column shows all the fields of the selected data list, like the above example includes all the fields of the Projects data list. You can find those fields from the project data list.

    The second column shows the type of each field. The third column where you will set values to each list field.

    To set the value of a list field, make the checkbox in front of the field checked. Then from the value column, use the expression editor to set value.

    You can set static value from the top text area, or select dynamic values from workflow variables, context etc.

    After the fields-values mapping is set, click the "OK" button to close this dialog.

  2. Update: update one or multiple records of the selected data list. Click Field Settings button to open "Field Settings" dialog. Select the fields you want to update and set values which is similar like the adding record operation.

The different between the settings of add and update records is the condition settings. When you update records, you need to set the condition to search records you want to update.

​Example: Update the project when the project ID and owner meet the condition.

When execute the update operation, all records meet the pre-defined condition will be updated.


If you did not set condition here. all records in the target data list will be updated.

Delete: Select this option if you want to delete records from the selected data list. To delete records, what you need is to set proper condition. The workflow will search records from the data list and delete them.

Caution:If you did not set condition here. all records in the target data list will be deleted.



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