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Initiate seamless workflow transitions with Yeeflow's Start Workflow action, enabling dynamic process integration and automation.

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The "Start Workflow" action is a specialized workflow component designed to initiate the execution of an additional workflow within the context of a currently running process.

When to Use the Start Workflow Action?

  • Parallel Processing: To enhance efficiency by running multiple workflows concurrently. This is particularly useful when independent processes can be executed in parallel without waiting for one to complete before starting another.

  • Chain Workflows for Complex Processes: When a multi-stage process requires the execution of separate, distinct workflows in a specific sequence. This action allows for the orderly and controlled progression from one phase to another.

How to Use the Start Workflow Action?

To use the Start Workflow action, you can follow these steps:

  1. From the workflow designer, find the "Start Workflow" action from the left actions panel.

  2. Click and drag this action to the designer.

  3. Click the settings button under this action to open the properties settings window.

In the properties settings window, you need to configure the following settings:

  • Action name: Set the display name of this action.

  • Description: Add a short description of this action.

  • Application: From the dropdown list, select the application which the data source come from. By default, the current application is selected.

  • Data source: Select the data source from the dropdown list. The data source can be a data list, a document library, a form report, or a data report.

  • Set variables: Click the "Settings" button to open the variable settings window. Choose a variable from the drop-down list and click the "Add variable" button to include new variables. Click the editor icon to launch the expression editor, where you can select values from workflow variables, instance contexts, etc. It's possible to add multiple variables to configure data for another workflow.

  • Run as user: Select the user identity under which this workflow will be executed.

  • Fallback user: Select a fallback user to run this workflow if the selected user is unavailable.

The "Start Workflow" action revolutionizes your process management by introducing the capability to seamlessly initiate additional workflows directly from your current operational flow. Whether it's triggering a subsequent process based on the outcomes of the present task or automating the progression through complex project stages, the "Start Workflow" action enhances your Yeeflow experience by making it more interconnected and efficient. This feature allows for the dynamic branching of tasks and the integration of multifaceted processes, transforming your workflow into a versatile and highly adaptable system.


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