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Delegate your workflow tasks to other team members
Delegate your workflow tasks to other team members
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You can choose to delegate your tasks for a certain period of time to another member of the workspace. When you choose to enable this function, the system will automatically transfer your selected task form to the agent based on your task start time until the end time you have set.

Business Scenarios:

  • Delegation settings can cover a wide range of work scenarios, e.g

  • Leave of Absence/On holiday

  • Business trip

  • Temporary job transfer

  • Change of Business leader

Access the settings

Once you have entered the main page of Yeeflow, you can click on My Items on the left hand side of the page and click on ‘Delegation’ to enter the Delegate Settings page.

Create new delegation

1. Add: Click on this button (+ Add) to create new delegation. In the Add delegation pop-up, you can select the Workflow, start date (From), end date (To), task agent (Delegated to), enable or not and reason.

2. Specified Workflow: you can select a part of your process workflows either as a single process or as multiple process workflow.

3. All Workflow: All your process workflows. The system will automatically select your process workflows, you do not need to tick the individual workflow.

4. Start and End date (From & To): You can choose the time interval you want to delegate.

5. Delegated to: The person you want to delegate.

6. Enable: if you open the button, the Delegation will take effect immediately.

7. Reason: why you delegate your workflow to other workmate?

Stop the delegation

1. Automatic stop delegation-The system will automatically stop the assignment according to the end time you set.

2. Manually stop delegation-You will need to click on the action bar to the right of the My delegation, select ‘Edit’ button and turn off ‘Enable’ button to stop the delegated task.

Delegation status

After creating new delegation, you can view the details of assignment on the page of ‘Delegated to me’, including Workflow, The principal, Start Time, End Time, Created Time and Status. At same time, you can also view all your delegated tasks, as well as tasks delegated to you by others, by selecting the different pages (My Delegations, Delegated to Me) from the menu bar.

  • Disable-If the Enable button is not turned on when a new delegation is created, the task will not take effect temporarily.

  • Not Start-The task is in effect, but it has not yet reached the start time of the delegation set by the delegator.

  • In progress-The task is in effect, and the current time is with in the delegated period set by the delegator, the agent can approve process tasks assigned by delegator.

  • Expired-The task is not in effect/inactive since the current time has reached the end time set by the principal.

Approval of agent

During the time your task is delegated, the agent can view all of his process tasks, including those you have delegated to him for approval, on his Yeeflow homepage under My Items - Pending Tasks. The agent can click on the process task to approve it.

View details of delegated application under the delegation period

You can view all applications that have been approved by an agent during your task delegation on the ‘Pending Tasks - Delegated’ page.

Setting delegation policy (Admin only)

The system administrator can set up a policy by clicking ‘Policy’ button from the menu bar at the top right of the My delegation page.

  • Ignore delegation settings - Ignore delegation settings when applicant and delegator are same user. The task will be assigned to the original owner.

  • Disable delegation - Forbid users to add delegations, the existing and unexpired will be invalid.

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