Manage workflow pending tasks
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Yeeflow users can view and handle pending tasks that are assigned to them or their team members.

Manage all pending tasks

To access all pending tasks in one place, you need to log in to Yeeflow and click on the Tasks icon on the left sidebar.

This will open a page that shows all the pending tasks that are waiting for your action or approval.

You can filter the tasks based on workflow. Or,search for a specific task by typing in the search box. You can use keywords which are included in task name, tracking number, applicant, or workflow name.

To view the details of a pending task, you can click on the row of this task. This will open a new page shows the information of the task.

You can also see the task approval history at the bottom.

To complete a pending task, you need to perform the action that is required by the workflow. For example, if the task is an Approval Task which is to approve or reject a request, you need to click on the Approve or Reject button and provide a reason. If the task is a Complete Task which is to fill in a form or upload a file, you need to enter the data or select the file and click on the Submit button. You can also add comments or attachments to the task if needed.

Once you complete a pending task, it will be removed from your task list and sent to the next step of the workflow. You can check the status of the completed task by clicking on the Completed Tasks item from the left sidebar of Yeeflow home page. You can also view the details of any completed task by clicking on it.

Approve / reject multiple pending tasks

You can select multiple tasks from the pending task list page. and from the top right of this list, click "approve" or "reject" to produce those tasks in one time.


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