Manage workflow definitions

Admins handle Yeeflow workflows: editing, viewing, importing, or deleting, directly impacting automation.

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A workflow definition refers to a structured and sequential arrangement of tasks, activities, and processes that need to be executed in a particular order to achieve a specific goal or outcome. It outlines the steps, dependencies, and rules involved in completing a workflow or business process.

Workflow definitions in Yeeflow are the workflows you designed in Yeeflow which include:

View workflow definitions

To view and manage workflow definitions, firstly login to Yeeflow with the system admin account, then go to the Admin center From the left navigation panel click to expand the "Workflow settings", and click "Workflow definitions":

Or login to Yeeflow with the application admin account, then click the " Gear" icon to enter the App Settings page. From the left navigation panel click to expand the "Workflow settings", and click "Workflow definitions":

You can see all the workflow definitions from here. Filter the records by either workflow name or ID.

Additionally, you can narrow down the list by selecting specific applications from the "All applications" dropdown menu and choosing from the applications under each workspace.

From each workflow definition, click More operations button after the workflow name to open the pop-up menu list.

  • For approval workflow, you will see 4 options:

  1. Open in Designer: click this option to open the workflow designer where you can update the definition of your workflow.

  2. Import from template: click this option to import a local copy of an exported workflow definition.

  3. Export to template: click this option to export the latest workflow definition as a local file.

  4. Delete: click this option will delete the workflow definition along with all the workflow instances, workflow tasks and associated data.


Deleting the workflow definition will permanently delete all the related data. You cannot recovery the deleted workflow definitions.

  • For list workflows, you will only see 2 options: Open in designer and delete. You cannot export or import workflow definition on list workflows.

You can also delete multiple workflow definitions by selecting those items from the list, and clicking the "Delete" button from the top-right of this page.

View details of workflow definitions

From the list of workflow definitions, clicking the workflow name will open this detail page of each workflow definition.

  1. Operation buttons: show the available operations for this workflow definition. Click "Open in designer" to design your workflow in workflow designer; Click "Delete" button to delete this workflow definition and the related records.

  2. The properties of this workflow definition: Besides those properties you've saw in the list page, you can also see other properties here. Click "View details" hyperlink under "Variables" property to view all the variables defined in this workflow definition.

  3. Workflow diagram: show the screenshot of the latest version's workflow definition.



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