Create custom fields for departments

Create custom fields for departments effortlessly. Enhance organization and streamline data management.

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If your Yeeflow account has system administrator rights, you can add custom fields for department. This will extend the capability of using department with custom properties.

1. Add and edit fields

From the top-right of the departments page, click more settings button, and select β€œFields” from the pop-up menu list:

Then, from the pop window. You can see all the existing fields for departments list. For those pre-defined fields, you can click the Edit button from each field to edit the settings:

Click "+ New Field" button on the top right to add new fields. You can choose the field type from the dropdown list, and type in the field name. Then, set the related properties based on the type of this field. For example, add a department type with dropdown list type as below:

Click "Save" button at the bottom to create a new field. You can find the new field from the list.

The existing fields can also be edited by clicking the three dots of the fields. Then clicking on Edit to modify the field properties in the pop-up window on the right.

2. Add custom fields to list forms

To use the custom fields when adding, editing or viewing department, you need to add those custom fields to the related forms.

From the top-right of the departments page, click more settings button, and select β€œForms” from the pop-up menu list:

You can find the pre-defined custom list form called "__departments__" from the list forms window:

Click "Edit" button under this form to open the form designer, Then, from the left custom fields control, find the new custom fields you created, and drag to add those fields to the form.

If you're not using certain fields, feel free to remove them from the form designer. For example, as we added the new department type field to the form, we can now remove the default Type field from the form.

Click the Submit button from the top-right of the designer to save your changes, and click "Close" button the exit the form designer.

Now, when you add, or edit a department, you will be able to find the new department type dropdown field on the form.

You can also create multiple custom forms to associate with add, edit and view item form separately.

3. Show or hide fields on the list

Click the "Display fields" button from the department list to show or hide fields from the department list. For example, toggle on the Department type field, and drag to move this field to display after the Code field, and toggle off to hide the Type field from the list.

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