Work calendar management
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A work calendar is a calendar that defines the working and non-working times for an organization. It specifies the work hours for each work day, the work days for each week, and any exceptions, such as holidays.

The work calendar can be used from your custom applications. For example, from the Approval form, you can set to send due date reminder of an Assignment task based on the work calendar days.

You can define the work calendar from Yeeflow admin center. Each Yeeflow organization can only support for one work calendar. Work calendars are used in scheduling tasks.

Manage work calendar

To manage work calendar, login to Yeeflow with the system admin account, then go to the Admin center. From the left navigation panel click to expand the "Data management", and click "Work calendar".

1. Set standard work time

Firstly, click the "Standard Work Time" button from the top-right to set the standard working time of each workday.

From the pop-up window, choose the begin and end time. You can set multiple period as the work time for a working day.

Click "OK" button to save your changes.

2. Set the exceptions of working days

You can set public holiday, change standard working days as non-working days, or change weekend days as working days. To set specific days as public holiday, firstly, click to active the "Public holiday" button, then choose days from the below calendar. The selected days will be highlighted in red.

To set working days as non-working days, click to select the "Nonworking day" button from top, then click on the working days from the calendar to mark those days as non-working day with highlight in yellow.

With the same operation, click to select the "Working day" button, and click on the weekend days from the calendar to make those days as working day.

You can click the "Rest calendar" from the top right button to reset your seetings.



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