Understanding user seats and active users

Yeeflow subscriptions use user seats; admins manage and assign to active users. Seats are flexible for optimal resource use and security.

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Yeeflow is a cloud-based subscription service which counts the price based on the purchased user seats. A user seat is a license that grants access to Yeeflow platform.

As a system administrator, you have the ability to assign user seats to Yeeflow users. The Yeeflow users which are assigned user seats are called Active users. You can also release user seats that are no longer in use due to inactive Yeeflow users.

This feature allows you to efficiently manage your organization's resources and ensure that only active users have access to Yeeflow. By assigning user seats, you can control the number of users who can access Yeeflow at any given time. This helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures that your organization's data is secure.

On the other hand, if a Yeeflow user becomes inactive or leaves the organization, you can release their user seat. This frees up a user seat that can be assigned to another active user. By doing so, you can optimize the usage of your organization's resources and reduce unnecessary costs.

Manage active users

To assign or release user seats, simply navigate to the Yeeflow admin center, and click to expand the "User management" section from left navigation menu, and click "Active users". From there, you can easily manage user seats by selecting the appropriate option. To learn how to manage active users, please refer:

Manage user seats

You can also monitor the usage of user seats and other add-on services from the Billing management page in admin center. To learn more about the billing management, please refer:


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