Activate or deactivate users

Effortlessly activate or deactivate Yeeflow users, managing access and license allocation with immediate effect for flexible user control.

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As a Yeeflow admin, you can enable or disable users to block user access or release the user licenses. The action will be effective immediately and the re-activated user can login and have all historic data in his/her account.

Activate or Deactivate a user

To activate or deactivate users, firstly, login to Yeeflow with the system admin account, then go to the Admin center. From the left navigation panel click to expand the "User management", and click "Active users":

All users will be listed on the right panel. Slide the lower scroll bar and find the User Status.

  • toggle it on - activate user account

  • toggle it off - deactivate user account.

You can switch the top tab menu to view all the Active users or Deactivated users.

Tips : Please be note that the number of active users(in use) cannot exceed the number of seats.

You can find the total purchased user seats and the number of used. Click the "Upgrade" button from the top right to purchase more seats, or other add-on services.


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