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Easily edit or delete Yeeflow user information,including essential user details, ensuring up-to-date records and streamlined user management

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System administrators can manage user information in admin center. Deleting a user will remove their access from the organization permanently, and deactivated users can be reactivated later.

Firstly, login to Yeeflow with the system admin account, then go to the Admin center. From the left navigation panel click to expand the "User management", and click "All users":

You can view user's detail information by clicking on the row of each user item. And open the user information page.

You can click the "Edit item" from the top right of this page to edit user information, or click the "Delete" button to delete this user.

1. Edit user information

On the Edit Profile page, you can not modify the Login Account once it's created.

There are 4 fields are mandatory to fulfilled.

  • Name - User's display name in Yeeflow

  • Email - The email address that you will receive task notification or email notification if any. It's the same with your account normally and you may change it to some specific one.

  • Department - your display organization information and refer to Manage departments for more.

  • Line Manager -your supervisor if any logic requires.

Learn more if you need to custom this profile page: customize user properties

2. Delete users

Deleting a user removes their access from this organization, but it cannot affect its access from other organization(s).

Warning: You cannot delete the owner of your organization. You can contact [email protected] if you want to transfer the owner to another user.

A deleted user can't be restore its contents and data again. If you want to add this user back, you need to invite some users to your organization , but it will be a new user then.

Instead, you may need to deactivated this account if the user will be activate again. Please refer to : Activate or deactivate users

You can found all the deleted users from the deleted users page:


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