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Yeeflow lets admins add components like lists, forms, dashboards to apps, offering six types to enrich functionality.

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Add lists, forms, dashboard or other components to your application.

As the administrator of an application, you have the permission to build it by adding components.

There are six kinds of components can be used to form an application. In this introduction, we use a blank application which is newly created.

Click "Add Component" on the navigation bar or click "ADD NEW COMPONENT" on the guide panel. In the popup window, choose the one you need to start.

  • Approval Form - Approval form will help you to configure submission form and task form(s), even more a simple or complex workflow(s) to automate your business process.

  • Form Report - to present or view the records of Approval Form(s) in this Application. It allows to custom the fields and access permission by each one.

  • Data List - the data list is like a database to store the structured data. You can create multi-type fields, sort and filter data, design the list forms or create the list workflows etc. You can create different types of data views for each data list based on the purposes on how to display your list data.

  • Document Library - a document library is used to store and manage documents with folders.

  • Calendar - a calendar list is used to manage your data in a calendar view. It's also able to connect to other content list to display all data in one Calendar.

  • Dashboard - The customizable web page where you can visualize all the data of the application.


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