Manage account profile

Customize account details, manage settings, and access profile information effortlessly through the Admin Center.

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This article explains how to manage your account's name and settings on Yeeflow. You can edit your organization name, custom domain, and certain details such as country, contact email, phone, language, time zone, currency, and date format.

View account profile

As a Yeeflow global admin, you can view and manage the account profile information from Admin Center. To view the account profile info, go to the admin center, expand the Account setup menu, and click Account profile:

You can check the detail profile information which include the Account name, custom domain url, and the Account ID.


The Account ID is the unique id of your organization. You might be asked to provide this ID when you need assist for troubleshoot, technical support or billing information from Yeeflow Support Team.

Edit Account name and Custom domain URL

You can click the link of "Edit account name and URL" to change the name of your account.

Note: Your organization URL was set when the organization was setup. You need contact [email protected] reasonable explanations if you would like to change.

Manage Account Info

Click the Edit Profile Information link to change the basic information of your account:

  • Country/Region - Select one from drop-down list

  • Contact email

  • Phone

  • Technical contact

  • Preferred language - Select one from drop-down list. Yeeflow has 5 languages (English/Chinese(simplified); Chinese(traditional); Japanese and German) to choose.

  • Time zone - Select one from dropdown list.

  • Currency - Select one from drop-down list.

  • Date Format - Select one from drop-down list. Yeeflow has 3 date formats (YYYY/MM/DD; DD/MM/YYYY; MM/DD/YYYY) to choose.

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